Slåbodas Kennel and boarding kennel is runned and owned by Stina Hween.

Slåboda kennels Samoyeds are based on dog´s from Kalina kennel in Australia and a bitch from USA, Lucky Tiffany of Bubbling Oaks.

Imported from Kalina kennel are in 1980 Norduch Kalina Major Denika, in1988 Austch Kalina Kirov Apollo and in 1994 a pregnant bitch, Kalina Lucky Magic. She delivered 4 female puppies. 2 of them are used for breeding. Slåbodas Lucky Aussie from Kalina who´s now at Swedsams kennel and Slåbodas First Lady from Kalina who´s still with us.

In 1994 we also exported our first Samojed back to Australia. The name of that dog is Slåbodas Southern Adventure and he bacame BIS in South Australia Special Exhibit1997.

Our breeding dogs are always x-rayed and free from hip-dysplasia and also free from kataract. When I breed samojeds I look very much for the temperament and I also want as little hunting instincts as possible. I concentrating on bringing the Samojeds cooperative and social smoothness in front together with the soundness. This have resulted in that the first (and so far only) Samojed that had qualified to the Swedish Championship in obedience is one of "ours". The name of that dog is Slåbodas Romantiqua.


I bought the first Japanese Spitz in 1983. She came from Norway and was breed by Reidun Lunde, Skjellåsens Kennel. Her name was Intuch Norduch Skjellåsens Tootsie. She remained unconquered bitch under her whole show career.

This female has given me the possibility to breed several champions with Tootsie´s temper and anatomy as a solid foundation.

5 Japanese Spitz have been exported to Australia over the years. These are Slåbodas Quick Step, Austch Slåbodas Quite like Lady, Austch Slåbodas Yokohama Ninja och Austch Slåbodas Young Geisha. 1994 moved to Sziadas kennel in Townsville the male dog Austch Slåbodas Tropical Viking. He have had a fantastic show career with lots of BIS at all breed shows around Australia.

Here in Sweden we recived the Junior World Winner title 1998 and the Nordv-99 with SUCH, FINUCH Slåbodas Gagaku.  


Slåboda´s Kennel
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Stina Hween